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Vex Itty Bitty Fox by ShardLovesPotatoes | |FTU| .:Red Pixel Heart:. by WandaKinkay | Sexual Orientations - Pansexual by TwinkJinx | Gender Symbols - Female by TwinkJinx | America Flag by Blues-Eyes

Hello world! My name is Vex. I do all sorts of art with my favorite being photography and currently working on improving my digital art, while dabbling in crafts, poetry, traditional art, and a bit of witchcraft and summoning creepy things on the side obviously. I'm a sad sack full of emo all wrapped up into a sweet sinnamon roll, so don't watch me if you can't handle that. I'm 50 shades of sarcastic and salty so we would make great friends! I'm also a delicate flower that needs lots of air so please don't smother me or else I'll have to rip your throat out.

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Jan 16, 2017
11:57 am
Jan 16, 2017
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Jan 16, 2017
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Jan 15, 2017
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Jan 15, 2017
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Tue Dec 13, 2016, 2:56 PM
Everyone is doing this so I guess I will too? This is like my huge long list of things I like that I usually keep hidden away in so I mean I don't really expect anything from it but hopefully everyone can find some cool artists to watch! I also haven't updated it in months so there may be some broken links and things so just ignore those. Also just because you're not on here doesn't mean I don't like your art. I took some out because I'd already gotten gifts from them, some I took out because I don't want them to feel pressured to do anything, and there's a lot not on here just because I haven't updated it in a while. I mean like I added some onto the bottom but I was half asleep so I would hardly count it as updating.

I'll be adding onto this as I go so make sure to keep an eye on this to find some cool artists c:

I'm definitely not expecting anyone to do anything but I guess if someone actually wanted to then they could draw me something! I mean I'd probably cry hysterically out of happiness if someone did but you absolutely don't have to! <---- in order of my favorites first 

There's going to be a lot on here just for pixels because I'm pixel trash, please forgive me. Basically just people who's art I like in general and if there's anything of theirs I like in particular, and a link to their commissions or whatever if possible. This is slightly outdated.

DADSELF (general) prices on page 
DENIAI (general + pixels +pixel blood vomit things) Pixel blood vomit commission thangs -closed fo now
Sixbane (general)
Howliing (general)
doqbone (general)
Caffeyeen (general)
Shenanigans-0w0 (general + cheebs)
skyfever (general+pixels)  ICON COMMISSIONS: CLOSED
aqiver (pixels) (prices on page) 
ev-oo (general)
delicate-punk (pixels) commission prices | closed
UnravelDragfox Collab Commissions
Tatchit (general) 
KIJ3K (general + pixels) 
pinvvheel (general) 50 point fullbodies OPEN
wolf-minori (general) Commissions OPEN free stots
CenturiesForGlory (pixels) Commisions! (OPEN)
GoldenDragonART (general+pixels) Pixel Commissions OPEN
StanHoneyThief (pixels) Nice commissions - points money - CLOSED
XxWolfArtxX (pixels) Free 50x50 Icons 2.0 [Open]
MischievousRaven (general) 2016 Commission Information
Fayven (general+pixels) Commission Prices and Rules!
DodoIcons (pixels) Commissions! (See commissions widget for prices!)
SandwichProtector (general+pixels) $5 fullbody coms (more slots open lol)commission slots open (7/7) (refunded one)
Secretwolf4328 (general) Commission Information
brokendoqs (general+pixels) Commission Prices - OPEN
HotDogeBuns (general+pixels) Commission Info Status: CLOSED!
Scarlet-Harlequin-N (sketches) Commissions (Open and Accepting)
im-phantastic (general+pixels) { commissions - closed }
Volinfer (general) 
Eraili (general+pixels) Commissions (closed)
runandwine (general) Price sheet 2016 by runandwine
spookydoge (general) 
Darenrin (general) 
KebabPekoniRulla (general) 
Safiru (general) 
xXRed-RabidXx (general) commissions info on page 
awkwaard (general)
Azureith (general)
Suliri (general) Commission Price List
MoonlightLyanti (general) moonlightlyanti-illustrations.…
fleekd (general+pixels) commissions open.
harpsr (pixels) experimental icon coms (closed)
CrayonWolff (pixels) Commission price list~
DragonsPixels (pixels) *Commission Info* 2016 OPEN SLOTS
KIJ3K (general+pixel) COMMISSION INFO
Novetos (pixel) ~Commission Information - Open
Silviltar-STI (pixels) Pixel icon commissions open
TheCinderLover (pixels) Commission Prices [OPEN]
reiitan (pixels) pixel doll slots CLOSED
lilyote (general+pixels)…
@edililah (general+pixels) 
skittlefuck (pixels) 
cohzkie (general) 
liontoys (general) 
Draghanell (general) 
rekurii (general + pixels) 
snowburial (General + pixels) 
O-C-T-O-B-E-R (general) 
wqlf (General)
boywhocrieswolf (general)
starconsumer (general)
gemoid (general + pixels) 
gruess (pixels)
gloomboys (general)
rekurii (general)
pandacubs (general + traditional) 
Mamoruuu (general)
Tiredpupper (general) 
princepupper (general)
Caffeyeen (general)

Character designs 
I always love dark designs with vibrant markings or hair, such as something mainly black with blue markings. I've also been really liking aussie type designs and spotted things in general and some pastel designs. I really like certain types of light colored designs so long as they're not super simple. Things with cool anatomy and different body types are amazing too.

People that always seem to make beautiful designs: 
HappyHappyA / Happy-HappyAdopt 

My dream characters:…
As you can tell I mostly like dark designs and bonus points if they're blue and/or purple. I'd probably chop off my left arm for some of these. 

Adopts (not a high priority)
I usually keep them all organized in this folder:…
If you're curious about which ones I like out of a batch then feel free to ask! 

YCH's, etc (not a high priority)
I usually stay away from the really big ones, I just like small things when it comes to this!

I usually keep those pretty organized in here too:…

disasterpuppet always has good ones 

** - basically obsessed with 
* - interested
like but not really too interested 

I'm too lazy to look up the groups and link them for now, but just make use of the search box and you should be able to find some info. 

**Quillix (quilldogxfeonix cross) 
**Takuma hounds
Wish fox
**Makoatl (mako) 
Milky way kit 
Magic Sprites
Heart lure
*Dream Walkers

Don't thank me


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